Sapodilla Bay Beach

The Children's Beach. The nick name probably says it all! The water on our beach is so calm that the bay is a refuge for sailboats during inclement weather. The resulting picture is one you simply have to see to believe.  There is rarely any wave action, since the bay is protected by two points on either side. The Caicos Bank is directly in front of our villa and its shallow geography creates a tranquil setting, as the white sands collect on our beach.

 Sapodilla Bay Beach Lounge Chairs



  • Sugary white sand! Crystal clear water!
    A bit of paradise right at your doorstep.
    Having traveled throughout the Caribbean to many different islands, we simply have not found a comparable beach!
  • Ship wrecked sailors?
    Take a short walk to see their stone carvings.
    Directly to our South atop Sapodilla Hill, there is a national treasure.  Stone carvings attributed to sailors who shipwrecked years ago are scattered about the hilltop.  Although the government has made efforts to protect these treasures, duplicates are placed for you to find!